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Are we going to be able to mod?


At the moment we don't have systems in place that support modding. However, maybe sometime in the future we can figure out how to make this possible!


very cute game loved the break dancing bunny <3
should've ordered tomato soup with the grilled cheese :c


I can relate hahshsa

lovely game, enjoyed it<3

I wish it was more long~


The mix of visual novel, rhythm game and typing game is a neat concept! I like the art a lot, the scene was colorful and had some fun little characters in the background. The animations for the main character were also fun! The music was cute and catchy as well.

Some feedback:

  1. I think the biggest issue for me was the way the UI was set up. There are three main areas where the player’s attention should be focused on. First there’s the top bar, which includes the rhythm bar and the text for the game. Second is the breathing ring near the bottom middle. Lastly, there’s the stress bar to the far right. It’s not that the placement of these elements is necessarily wrong but in the case of the breathing ring and the stress bar, these elements don’t stick out and draw my attention as neatly as the top bar does. I had to spend a little more effort keeping an eye on those elements on the screen. Translating that into gameplay, it means I’m missing potential notes, rhythm timings, and readable text while I scan the screen for information. Perhaps a potential solution to greatly alleviate this problem would be to combine all three of these bars into a single neatly compact UI element which can communicate all that information to the player instantly.
  2. It would be nice if you could skip the intro, or at least speed it up a bit.
  3. When you complete the game, the text appears as “Game Over” which can be a bit misleading. It should probably say something along the lines of “Congrats!” or  “You did it!” 

Regardless, this was a good time! Again, I like the concept a lot! Great work. 


Thank you for the feedback! We will do our best to improve the experience in the future! :)

Very cute game! I love the animation for this. More scenarios to this would have been cool.

I totally agree! Thanks for playing!